Transportation uses a huge amount of energy. From our cars, boats, planes and trains, all modes use energy. To reduce our nation’s demand for petroleum, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies are needed in the transportation sector.

eGlobal works with our clients to do just that. From plug-in electric, hybrid electric or other alternative-fuel vehicles, eGlobal has the expertise to address energy and environmental challenges. We convert bright ideas into workable solutions.

These solutions for next-generation transportation technologies include:

  • Advanced Battery Technology
  • Bioenergy Fules – Algae, Biodiesel and Ethanol
  • Electric, Plug-in, Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Emission Reduction Controls and Sensors
  • Energy Storage Devices
  • Power Electronics Components and Systems
  • Tax Incentives for Emerging Technologies

eGlobal is here for you!