The U.S. relies heavily on coal, oil and natural gas to generate electricity. These types of fossil fuels are a finite resource. At some point in time, these resources may run out or simply will not be an option to meet our society’s ever-increasing energy demands.

The alternative is renewables. Renewable energy is derived from natural resources that replenish themselves over a period of time without depleting the Earth’s resources. For example, energy from the sun, wind, water and thermal energy stored in the Earth’s crust all play an important role as sources of energy.

eGlobal works with our clients to provide innovative technologies and solutions to advance clean energy sources that have an lower impact on our environment. These include:

  • Advanced Battery Technology
  • Algae Production
  • Energy Storage Controls and Devices
  • Photovolatic Devices
  • Power Management Systems
  • Tax Incentives for Emerging Technologies
  • Wind Turbine Systems

eGlobal – Your Energy Resource!