Energy Consulting

Today the demand for energy in our society is growing by leaps and bounds. As a result, a clean energy revolution is taking place across America. The clean energy industry generates billions of dollars each year in economic growth for our country. As a result, more and more businesses and individuals are looking to clean energy solutions.

At eGlobal Consulting, we assist our clients with their energy footprint through innovative solutions. From renewable electricity generation, to energy-savings homes, buildings and manufacturing, to protecting the environment, and to sustainable transportation, eGlobal works on initiatives to create a “New Energy Economy”.

“New Energy Economy” initiatives include:

  • Energy Efficiency – Homes, buildings, and advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Environment – Green conservation and waste reduction
  • Renewable Energy Sources – Solar and wind farms
  • Sustainable Transportation – Electric and hybrid electric vehicles; bioenergy fuels; and hydrogen/fuel cell development
  • Technology Development – Battery/power electronics; emission reduction controls; and energy saving solutions

eGlobal – Your Energy Resource!